KCC is the biggest S.Korean paint supplier was found in 1958 has more than 60 years experience and total 26 plants for all over the world.

KCC Turkey manufacturing plant supplies refinish, OEM, General Industial, PCM, marine and powder and epoxy floor coatings.

KCC refinish coatings product portfolio meets to all business partners, painters and car owners different needs and expectations. Also, we diversify our local product portfolio by using KCC's global technology and formulation. Furthermore, both local and global product portfolio designed to increase efficient and high quality results.

KCC refinish process also designed considering color accuracy, seasonal and temperature differences.

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    Most popular passenger and commercial colours are available. Competible with original OEM factory colors. Efficient coating application system. Easy to apply. Good hiding power. KCC 2K Acrylic readymix provides long lasting high gloss coating and durable surfaces.

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    Different kinds of pearl effect, metallic and solid colors are available. Competible with original OEM factory colors. Provides efficient coating application system. Easy to apply. Good hiding power. Two layer coating system provides basecoat + clearcoat application.


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KCC clears is applied on basecoats for the purpose of protection against external factors. KCC Clears are desinged to create basic protection against scratches / high scratch resistance and weathering effects and achieve a high gloss or matt final finish.

Product Name Description Explanation
CLEAR MS 5800 MS Universal Clear MS Uniersal Clear, high gloss,
CLR-FAST CLEAR-5410 2K Fast Drying Clear Short drying time, high gloss, for quick repairs
CLR-HV CLEAR 5500 2K High Viscosity Clear High viscosity, high gloss clear.
CLR-HG CLEAR-5100 2K High Gloss Clear Additional thinner is not required
CLR-HG CLEAR-6500 2K High Gloss and High Viscosity High gloss and viscosity similar pattern of OEM clears
CLR-HS CLEAR-5200 2K Ceramic Clear Extreme scratch resistant, high gloss clear
CLR-MATT CLEAR 2K Matt Clear Provides satin matt appearence
MS CLEAR-5750 MS Universal Clear General purpose of MS Clear


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KCC primers are easy to use. Generally all of them dries quickly. Drying properties also can e adjusted according to weather conditions by changing KCC hardeners (slow, medium, fast).

Main KCC Primers / Fillers characteristics :

  • • Water resistance : Strong against moisture and prevents blisters.
  • • Adhesiveness between layers: Increases adhesiveness between previous film and finish coating.
  • • Prevention of absorption: Prevents absorption of finish coating base into primer surfacer.
  • • Filling capability : Fills pinholes in putty surface and repairs defects.
  • • High Levelling : Superior Levelling same as Top coat.
Product Name Description Explanation
PRM- 4100 (4+1) UNIVERSAL PRIMER FILLER 4+1 Primer Filler Excellent filling properties with high performance
PRM- MILLENNIUM GREY (4+1) 5000 4+1 Primer Fillerr Fast drying, excellent
PRM - FAST PRIMER (1K ) 2000 1K Quick Primer 1K Fast Curing primer, also good adhesion to galvanize
PRM – PLASTIC (1K) 3000(S) Plastic Primer (Silver-Trsnsparent) Excellent adhesion properties for plastics-bumpers
TEXTURE BLACK(1K)-5058 Plastic bumper paint Direct to appliy to plastik bumbers and provides original pattern
PRM - PLASTIC (1K) 2143 1K Bumper plastic filler Excellent adhesion to many plastics, Grey color
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Anti Gravels

Anti gravels provides high protection againist stone chippings underside and visible part of motor vehicles. Also they resistant to different weather conditions, absord sounds and remains flexible. KCC Anti gravels are available in three colors, black, grey and white.

Product Name Description Explanation
ANTIGRAVEL BLACK-GREY-WHITE Anti Gravel Provides excellent underbody proctection,
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KCC putties have excellent drying sanding and filling properties. Those area develop for the different purposes to meet paintshops efficient working process.

Product Name Description Explanation
REF. PUTTY PC2900 (TK)-YELLOW/GREY Polyester Putty Excellent filling properties, easy to sand. suitable for steel and old painted surfaces
REF.PUTTY GALVANIZE PC3100(TK) Galvanize Putty Excellent filling properties, easy to sand. suitable for galvanize and aluminium surfaces
REF. GLASS FIBER PUTTY Glass Fiber Putty Outstanding filling properties, easy to sand. suitable for all surfaces except plastics
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Hardeners are reactive chemicals with polymerization in 2K layers. CA221 hardeners are suitable for all applications and different seasons from final primer to clears.

Description Product Name Temperature Curing Season
Universal Hardener CA221(F) 10 - 25 ℃ Fast Winter
Universal Hardener CA221(M) 20 - 35 ℃ Medium Autumn, Spring
Universal Hardener CA221(S) 30 - 40 ℃ Slow Summer


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Surface Cleaners

Surface cleaners remove contaminants that may effect final finish of paint layers. KCC solvent-based oil and wax remover eliminates all contaminants.

1101 (WIPING) Metal Surface Cleaner


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In general, acrylic thinners are used for diluting primers, basecoats, clears and topcoats.

KCC thinners are produced for different paintshop conditions as fast, medium and slow.

Those thinners helps to have easier application and more efficient working process by adopting KCC products to different seasons

Description Product Name Temperature Product Name Curing Season
Acrylic Thinner 0045(F) 10 - 25 ℃ 0045(F) Fast Winter
Acrylic Thinner 0045(M) 20 - 35 ℃ 0045(M) Medium Spring, Autumn
Acrylic Thinner 0045(S) 30 - 40 ℃ 0045(S) Slow Summer
High Quality NC Thinner 0066 (RT) Suitable for NC topcoats
Standart NC Thinner 0256 (ID) Universal purposes
Cleaning Sellulosic Thinner 0276 (ID) High effect NC thinner
Blending Thinner 0978 (BLENDING) Blending process for old and new clear


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Additives helps to secure paint process in a most efficient way and prevents from potential silicon problems by adding small quantities of additives to Primer fillers, basecoats, 2K topcoats or clearcoats. KCC additives like anti silicon additive and accelarators provides many solutions according to seaons and workshop conditions

Anti-Silicon Additive ANTI SILICONE ADDITIVE-0901 It is used to avoid silicone craters.
Accelerator ACCELERATOR-0902 It used to accelerate drying process when necessary